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Pourquoi mon activité n'a-t-elle pas été détectée automatiquement ?

Activity detection is a feature that identifies periods of high heart rate and above average movement to log them as activities in the WHOOP app. Activity detection can identify when you are moving or working out, eliminating the need to start and stop an activity or add an activity later. 


Why wasn't my activity detected automatically?

Periods of movement and high heart rate are sometimes not recorded as activities for the following reasons: (see image above) 

  • The activity lasts less than 15 minutes 
  • The effort level of the corresponding activity is less than 8 
  • Activity detection is disabled in the app 

NOTE  : Activities are automatically recorded when activity detection has determined that your heart rate has returned to a normal level and stabilized relative to your baseline. This process can take up to 20 minutes after the end of a workout or activity.

My activity says it's 'pending', what does this mean?

An activity is marked as Pending when the corresponding data has not been fully synced, or if WHOOP is still calculating the effort score for the activity.