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Pourquoi est-ce que mon WHOOP affiche « Transfert de données en cours » ?

When your WHOOP data is not fully synchronized with your mobile device, you may see the following message on the Overview screen of the WHOOP app indicating that the missing data is being collected:



Note  : WHOOP uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to transfer data to your mobile device, which means that the WHOOP app must remain open in the background to continue transferring data and thus stay up to date.

Your WHOOP will continue to record and store up to 3 days of data until it reconnects. If therefore you are disconnected for one of these reasons, you will not lose any data.

Causes of missing data collection on iOS and Android

Force close the app

Forcing the WHOOP app to close (e.g. "disappearing" the app from the list of recently used apps) will stop WHOOP from running in the background, and data will only be transferred once you open at the app again.

Best Practices  : Leave the WHOOP app open in the background on your mobile device to keep data syncing continuously.WHOOP ouverte en arrière-plan sur votre appareil mobile pour que les données se synchronisent en continu.

Airplane mode

Airplane mode may automatically turn off Bluetooth and mobile data on your device. Both of these are required to sync your WHOOP data to your mobile device. If Wi-Fi and Bluetooth remain on, Airplane Mode will not impact data synchronization.

Bluetooth disabled

Check that Bluetooth is turned on.

Best practices  : Bluetooth must remain activated at all times for optimal synchronization.

bluetooth out of range

When you are out of range of the Bluetooth connection, your WHOOP disconnects and data can no longer be synced to the app on your mobile device. When you are no longer out of range, your data may be in transit until your WHOOP is fully synchronized with your mobile device.WHOOP soit totalement synchronisé avec votre appareil mobile.

No mobile network

Wi-Fi or mobile data is required to send the data collected by your WHOOP to our servers for processing. If you are off the mobile network, your data will be stored on WHOOP (for a maximum of 3 days). Once the mobile device finds the mobile network, the data will be downloaded again. At this point, you may see a "Data Transfer In Progress" message until your WHOOP is fully synced with your mobile device.

Battery exhausted

If the WHOOP battery is completely depleted, it will no longer be able to collect data. Once your WHOOP is reloaded and reconnected, it will collect and sync data again. At any time, you can double-tap your WHOOP to check its battery life. 

Low power and power saving mode 

iOSiOS  : In your device's Settings (the Settings app in iOS), go to Battery . Next, check that Low Power Mode is disabled . If enabled , this will significantly reduce the frequency of synchronizing WHOOP data with your mobile device.iOS), accédez à

Android  : Power saving mode may prevent the WHOOP app from running in the background. In this case, data synchronization will be suspended until the application comes back to the foreground or until the power saving mode is deactivated .

iOS only: background app refresh is disabled

In your device's Settings (the Settings app in iOS), go to General and select Background App Refresh . Find the WHOOP app in the list and be sure to enable it .

Android only: battery optimization settings

Different Android devices adopt different battery optimization settings, which can significantly limit background activity and Bluetooth activity. If you are looking for information on specific phone settings, please see the DéconnexionsFrequent disconnections on Android devices article .

How long will it take for my data to be transferred?

The WHOOP can store up to 3 days of data. Depending on how long it's been since you last synced with your mobile device, it may take some time for your data to transfer. For example, syncing a full day (24 hours) of data can take up to 1 hour.WHOOP peut stocker jusqu'à 3 jours de données. En fonction du temps qui s'est écoulé depuis la dernière synchronisation avec votre appareil mobile, il est possible que vos données mettent un certain temps à être transférées. Par exemple, la synchronisation d'une journée complète (24 heures) de données peut prendre jusqu'à 1 heure.

If the operation takes longer, please try restarting your WHOOP by following the steps below ( no data will be lost during the restart ):WHOOP en suivant les étapes ci-dessous ( redémarrage

  1. In the WHOOP app, tap the status bar at the bottom of the Overview page (under Health Monitor) to open Device Settings. 

  2. The Device Settings screen will show an overview of your 4.0's connection and battery status. Tap the Advanced tab and scroll through the menu options until you find the Restart Device button. 

  3. Click Restart Device and keep your 4.0 and mobile device close for a few seconds (until the restart is complete).